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Field Resource Solution

Technology can be a great enabler for field service businesses.

It can make every resource more efficient, more productive and more valuable. Field Resource Solution empowers organizations with smart technology to increase every resource’s efficiency, productivity and value. Spicy Binary is eager to help its customers realize this vision.

Streamlined Office Operations

Cloud based web application for planning.

  • Manage User - multi team and multi area
  • Manage Locations - distributor, store, customer, etc
  • Monitor Real time task status, data collection, pictures, signatures
  • Monitor Attendance of field representative
  • Monitor Resource Performance
  • Plan and Schedule Task (Single and recurring)
  • Analyze current performance with interactive dashboard
  • Generate different reports to see performance
  • Schedule report for delivery by Email
  • Export report in excel and pdf

Streamlined Field Operations

Mobile application for task execution.

The mobile app is used to replace paper with Digital task orders, allowing better planning for managers and field resource to work smarter and faster.

  • Plan the day for your drivers or field team member by planning their tasks, routes.
  • Drivers, Field Team can mark attendance from field.
  • Managers get updates for task status, alerts for deviations of route
  • Location and time stamped information for tasks and make it available to managers.
  • Powerful configurable survey forms for task information.

What FieldDistro offers your business?

FieldDistro is a location based field resource management solution with built-in tools for field service planning, monitoring, reports and analytics for cost optimization. Connected to a task management module, empowers organizations to thrive in their industries.

Streamlined Operations?

Increase Visibility & Reduced Cost.

Visibility of resources and progress of tasks on the field, dispatching resources are critical for an efficiently running field operation. FieldDistro provides real time visibility of field operations through its platform using GPS technology and its comprehensive task management functionality.

Business depends on accurate information. Managing field services requires the data of multiple team members, all working collaboratively. FieldDistro solution from Spicy Binary provides complete support for getting more field tasks done through faster task reconciliation at back office.

Data for Managers

FieldDistro is much more than team tracking. You can get more done, everyday, with benefits like:.

  • Optimized Task Scheduling, Resource Assignment, Route planning.
  • Real time location of field team members, drivers, etc.
  • Task status, location tagged task data, surveys, pictures, signatures, etc.
  • Business Critical Data Analysis & Reporting.