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Increase Your Profit Margin

Spend more time making deals rather than going through paper work and worrying about accountability.

Designed To Create First Impressions

Hassle free implementation and innovative design makes for a user friendly system.

Streamlined And Networked

Flexible enough to adopt your own business rules leading to improved operations and communication.
Enterprise Cloud Platform


The CostERP Platform is a collection of open and flexible management software that work collectively as web services, it can efficiently automate and simplify the flow of information across the entire company. CostERP is flexible enough to adopt your own business rules, stated by your company so operations can become streamlined and cheap.

Bridge the Gap

Our critical performance measures provide the business intelligence you need to carefully examine the risks, health, and stability of your company and to identify new opportunities as they arise.

Constant development keep the system protected against latest security issues and allows us to update functionalities to match modern systems.

We use an “assume breach” stance as a security strategy, and our incident-response team works around the clock to mitigate the effects of any attacks against the system. These practices are backed by centers of excellence that fight digital crime, respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities in software, and combat malware.


Activities that once required manual interventions, occur automatically, quickly completing tasks while maintaining consistency and validity. The outcomes are improved operations, better customer service, and communication. CostERP gives complete control to authorized users to do as they please within their restrictions, to run their operations as they see fit. In today’s complex and regulated environment, companies need to focus on operations and deliver value to their customers, partners, and their infrastructure. We offer an opportunity to transfer some of the cost, risk, and effort of managing IT platforms and software to us.

  • Security
  • Accountability
  • Access
  • Colloborate
  • Insight
  • Speed

Accountability is essential.


Beefed up protection, to safe-guard us when we are vulnerable to attacks. Equipped with industry standard hardware and software security. CostERP security begins with a trustworthy technology foundation. Spicy Binary designs its software for security from the ground up and helps ensure that the cloud infrastructure is resilient to attack.


Audit Log

Consolidates audit data and logs generated by databases, operating systems, directories, file systems, and custom sources into a secure centralized repository. We provide enterprise security intelligence and compliance reporting by combining, monitoring, and reporting data. Tracks all database changes, server errors, and user activity.

CostERP Moduler

Customer Relations Management

Human Resource Management

Inventory Management



Billing/ Account Management

Project/Order Management

Equiptment / Asset Management



eLearning Management

Audit Log Management

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Protocols & Standards

Developed using the latest standards and covering almost all aspects of technology standards.

02 .

Responsive & Mobile

Explore the system in any sized device on the move or confined in your office or home.

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Fully Accountable

Made easy to search any specific function deployed or performed by any user/s.

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Perfect & productive

Leverage our design and functions to achive ultimate response and load time.

Creative solutions, creative results.

Technology used today.
Will reflect on your business tomorrow.

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